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Welcome to Oak Class

We are the reception class at Waterfoot Primary School! We love to learn through play and hope you enjoy looking at lots of the lovely learning we do in this part of the website. Here is some information about the class. Scroll down for photos of our learning! 


Our Teachers

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Classroom Information

P.E. Day: Thursday

Your child can come to school in the active uniform or a more traditional uniform on non-PE day. Please refer to the Uniform Policy if you are unsure.


Homework is handed out on a WEDNESDAY and returned the following MONDAY. You will receive Maths homework one week, phonics the next.

Topic Homework: 

Each half term, a copy of our topic homework grid is sent home and it is also available on the website. Please support your child by helping them to complete some the fun activities.  Each completed activity is rewarded with house points. 


We have been so proud of how well the children have settled into their new school, learning new routines and meeting new friends. Take a look below at how happy they are undertaking new independent challenges!

Loose parts portraits

Oak class have thoroughly enjoyed creating faces using loose parts. We used our imagination and creativity to represent facial features and expressions.


We are continuing to make new friends and are having lots of fun working collaboratively in our provision areas.

World Mental Health Day


Today was World Mental Health day. We read the story 'Life is a Rainbow' and discussed different emotions. The children made rainbow collages and discussed how the different colours made them feel. Later, we coloured 'Emotion Monsters' and explained to our friends how the monsters were feeling. At the end of the day, we awarded certificates to children who we had spotted being extra kind to their friends. Finally, we completed a mindfulness challenge together and reflected on everything we had learned.


We have been learning all about Autumn and went on a Woodland Walk on 20/10/23. The children loved exploring the woods, and we discussed all of the different colours we could see. The children even spotted berries and some fungi growing on a tree. We all crossed a wooden bridge, and luckily there was no troll living under this one!


Oak class have been having lots of spooky fun this week. We have enjoyed sharing many stories including, 'Christopher Pumpkin', 'Squasherella' and 'The Witch's Cat and the Cooking Catastrophe'. We were inspired to create our own 'magic' potions, choose creepy ingredients to add to the cauldrons, investigate pumpkins both inside and out, and make lots of fabulous pumpkin characters.


We have been learning all about Diwali - the celebration of light. The children really enjoyed dressing up in traditional Indian Sarees, making Rangoli patterns, creating Diya lamps from salt dough, colouring in henna hand decorations and making Chocolate Coconut Barfi.

Odd socks day - 13.11.23

Today we had lots of fun whilst wearing our odd socks. We enjoyed telling everybody about our socks. How we had chosen them and whether they were our favourites. Feeling inspired, we created our very own unique sock designs. They were fabulous! We then shared the lovely story, 'Simon Sock' by Sue Hendra.

Autumn Term 2 - Colour mixing

This half term we have had lots of fun experimenting with colours. We made our predictions, then mixed different colours to see what happened. The children had some fabulous ideas!

Horse and Bamboo Theatre - 4/12/23

Today we visited the theatre and the children had lots of fun making crafts and watching a production of The Squirrel, The Cake and The Cabinet.

Christmas 2023

We have had lots of fun in Oak Class on the lead up to Christmas. We had our school Christmas dinner, Wriggly Nativity, Christmas party, toy day, as well as different exciting Christmas activities.

We are really proud of the children, they have worked really hard and have all settled in so well. Well done for making it to the end of your first term in school!

Spring Term 1 2024

10.01.2024: Today the children created a complete meal from scratch, including pizza using mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce and delicious healthy toppings. We also made a strawberry and banana smoothie and a berry and yoghurt granola pot. We are amazing chefs!

Our first field trip

02.02.24 - Today we explored our school grounds and talked about the different features. The children were very excited to discover the wonderful places around Waterfoot School.

Lunar New Year

Oak Class have been finding out all about Lunar New Year and the different places where it is celebrated. We shared the story of 'Winnie and Wilbur at Chinese New Year,' by Valerie Thomas during our Drawing Club sessions, and this fabulous story inspired us to find out more...


Mardi Gras

20/02/2024 - Today we learned about Mardi Gras. We dressed in bright colours, watched clips of carnival dancing and made colourful masks.

Funky Fingers

Look at our brilliant bead snakes! Threading the beads onto a pipecleaner is so good for developing our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

PSHE 28.02.24

Today we have been learning about keeping safe. We can name lots of things that help us to keep our bodies clean and safe, and recognise things that might not be safe.

Baking Gingerbread Men

This week in Drawing Club we read The Gingerbread Man, and decided to bake some too. We enjoyed getting messy, and thought the ginger smelt very strong, but yummy!

SENSORY FUN 04.03.24

No peeking!

Today's challenge was to use some of our senses to work out the identity of different vegetables. We were brilliant at explaining what we could smell, feel and taste.  Well done everyone!

11/03/24 - British Science week

This week was all about Science! We investigated apples and talked about how they look and taste, then put them into a zip bag so that we could make observations about what happened to the apples over time. We have also been learning about senses, and used our senses to describe the smell and texture of different objects. 

18/03/24 - Go Velo: Learn to Ride

The children really enjoyed learning to ride a bike this week, and it was lovely to see their confidence grow. 

22/03/24 - Woodland Walk

Today we went into our beautiful woodland area to look for the first signs of Spring. The sun was shining and the children managed to spot insects, birds, flowers, leaves and buds.

SUMMER TERM 1 - Growing and changing

We have been learning all about sunflowers, their life cycle and what they need to grow. We have had lots of fun planting our own sunflowers and watching them grow. We wonder whose will grow the tallest?

Under the Sea

Our topic this half term is 'Under the Sea'. So far, we have enjoyed exploring our very own classroom beach and learning all about pirates.

(to be continued...)


This morning Oak class were very excited to go on our visit to Little Lancashire Village. We all had so much fun exploring the role play areas, getting into character and playing with our friends.


This half-term we are learning about people from our local community who help us.  Oak Class welcomed some special visitors, PC Hopkins, PCSO Hayhurst and their colleagues.  We were able to ask lots of questions so that we could find out what police officers do and how they help to keep us safe. We were very excited to have a closer look at some of their special uniform and equipment.