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Welcome to Chestnut Class!

We are a happy class of 29Year 1 and Year 2 children.


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Please support your child by helping them to bring their reading book and diary every single day. All children will have a yellow reading bookmark, which gives examples of questions you could ask whilst your child is reading. This encourages them to gain confidence with comprehension and retrieval.

Your child will also have a 'Reading Trail' in the back of their diary. Certificates and rewards are given for completed reading trails. Please have a go at the different challenges. The local libraries have lots of books which your child can borrow for free and they often hold their own reading challenges for children as well. We also have lots of lovely books in school which your child is welcome to borrow.

Every time your child reads at home they will be awarded with raffle tickets and entered into our weekly raffle prize draw!

Autumn 1

Aliens in the Woods!

We have had a very exciting start to our term in Chestnut Class. Mrs Duckworth (in the office) phoned us to say there had been sightings of a strange flying object over the woodland.  We said we would go and investigate! As we walked we heard loud clanking and banging noises and a whirring sound.  The children thought it might be a spaceship! Then in the distance we saw smoke and wondered if the craft had crashed. Then we saw burn marks on some wood and lots of red berries on the floor! We thought the ship had lost control! We carried on our search and found a small yellow alien with 6 fingers and 1 eye!! What had happened?  The children suggested we went back to  class to check the cameras.