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Welcome to Cherry Class 2023-2024


Hello, we are Cherry Class!


Useful Information

Monday: Cherry class are allowed to bring something in to show us or they can tell us something interesting. This must be something which links to our topics or something interesting which they may have found during the weekend, on a walk or from the holidays. This helps the children to gain confidence when speaking in front of others and encourages them to be a good listener when others are speaking.

P.E Days

Tuesday: Outdoor (Please ensure that your child has warm clothes to wear for PE during colder weather)

Wednesday: Indoor PE

Please make sure your child comes to school wearing their active uniform on our PE days.  Refer to the Uniform Policy if you are unsure.

Please make sure that all of your child's belongings are clearly labelled.

Topic Homework:

Each half term, a topic homework grid is sent out within each key stage. Please support your child by helping them complete some of the fun activities. They can bring in photographs or models to school to show us in class. All children will be awarded with house points and raffle tickets. Have fun!

Here is the homework sheet for Autumn term 1 /lancs/primary/waterfoot/arenas/websitecontent/web/autumn1homeworksept23_20230908133952417.pub 

Weekly Homework:

Lots of our weekly homework will need to be completed online. We will support children who are unable to access this at home. Your child will have a copy of their login details in the front of their reading diary. Over the first few weeks of term, we will teach your children how to login and direct them to the correct homework for the week. If you are unsure about any of these, please pop in for a chat.


In Cherry class, we love to read! Please support your child by helping them to bring their reading book and diary every single day. All children will have a yellow reading bookmark, which gives examples of questions you could ask whilst your child is reading. This encourages them to gain confidence with comprehension and retrieval.

Your child will also have a 'Reading Trail' in the front of their diary. Certificates and rewards are given for completed reading trails. Please have a go at the different challenges. The local libraries have lots of books which your child can borrow for free and they often hold their own reading challenges for children as well. We also have lots of lovely books in school which your child is welcome to borrow.

Every time your child reads at home they will be awarded with raffle tickets and entered into our weekly raffle prize draw!

Thursday: ICT Room

Friday: Award Day! Superstar Award, English or Maths Award, House Champion and Cherry class award someone with a medal of Kindness.

Autumn Term 1 2023

Tuesday 5th- Friday 8th September: What a fantastic start to the term we have all had! Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Atkin are very proud of how we have settled back into school life. The year 2's have been showing how to be responsible and have been helping the new year 1's. The year 1's have made new friends and had lots of fun working collaboratively in our provision areas. Every morning, Mrs. Evans sets us a morning challenge. This week we have read some lovely books, had a go at some handwriting and lots more activities. Well done everybody!


Toys in space

This term we have been reading a lovely book called Toys in Space By. Mini Grey. First, we discovered a strange little creature in the woodland area called Cuddles. He is lost and we have been trying to find out how to find his owner. We asked lots of questions and even checked the school cameras.

What are our toys like today and What were toys like in the past? We had fun talking about and sketching our favourite toys. We also played with some old toys from the museum. It was great fun.

Art: L.S. Lowry

We have been learning about the artist called L.S. Lowry. We have looked at his drawings and paintings and we have tried to work in the same style. We have also been learning the song called 'Matchstalk men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs'. Some of us built a factory in our outdoor provision and Alfie created a lovely drawing at the creative area. Next we took our sketching outside and carefully looked at our school building to draw all the features and shapes in the style of Lowry. We were wonderful!

Our Autumn treasure hunt

We had a lovely time exploring our school woodland with our Cherry class friends. We had to look for Autumn treasures. We found apples, berries, crunchy leaves, hazelnuts and spotted beautiful Autumn colours. We even identified a beautiful tree called 'Spindle', which has gorgeous pumpkin shaped berries.

Wonderful Autumn Homework

Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Atkin have been amazed by some of the lovely homework which some of us have brought in to school. Millie made 3D models of the characters from our Toys in Space story and Fredrik created a brilliant board game and made a fantastic go cart with his Grandpa.


In our ICT sessions, we have been learning how to use our login details to logon to Bug Club, Purple Mash, Numbots and the year 2's have just learnt how to use TT Rockstars. We also used a drawing programme to create pictures of Cuddles from our story.

Science investigation

We have been learning about about the materials which things are made out of. Today we worked together to sort materials into groups.


World mental health day 2023

Today we talked about mental health and what it means. We talked about Team HAP from our 'My Happy Minds' sessions and thought about the emotions which we feel when our brain is not working as a team. We did some happy breathing, we had fun doing some cosmic yoga, we read two lovely stories about how to improve our confidence when we feel worried or sad and we had fun with Elm class playing games on the all weather pitch.

Autumn term 2 Key stage 1 homework activities

Here are next term's homework ideas. Please have a go at some or all of the activitites. 

A2 Homework 2023

Our Autumn Colour Hunt

We worked together to identify more signs of Autumn. There were beautiful berries, apples and many beautiful Autumn colours. What a lovely time we had! In our outdoor area we all scooped out a juicy pumpkin.

A mystery clue!

This morning we received a phonecall from Spiderman. He asked us to investigate something unusual, so we went outside to look. We found some construction materials, a croquet set, 3 little wolves, a pig, a teapot, some dynamite and other objects. We think it is a clue to our new class book. Elise said "I think it is a mixed up tale", Leo said "I think the story will have dynamite in it", Florence thinks she knows what the story is....


Odd Socks Day Monday 13th November 2023

Today we enjoyed listening to our school council talking about anti-bullying in assembly. We loved singing the 'Spotty Socks' song and in class we thought very carefully about all the things which make us unique. We wore odd socks to remind us that everyone is special and different in lots of different ways. This week we are trying very hard to remember to use kind words and kind actions. This year's theme for anti-bullying week is 'Make a Noise'. Bullying is not cool and certainly not kind!

Our Local Area

This term we learning about our local area in our geography lessons. Today we used an aerial view of the school and looked on google earth to look at the features of our school grounds. We then labelled a map and drew symbols to represent each area. It was lots of fun!

Look at our amazing finished pieces of work!

We are so proud of our fantastic display and our final pieces of work. We have loved learning about LS. Lowry and we especially loved singing the song: Matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs (with lyrics) - YouTube For our final piece of work, we mixed shades of blue and green for the hills and sky, we had to draw buildings of differenet sizes so that we could show some in the front and some further away and finally we added the matchstick people and cats and dogs.

Our Waterfoot Winter Wonderland! December 2023

This week we have loved the beautiful blue skies, the frosty mornings, the long shadows and especially playing with the ice and frost. We had a lovely frosty walk and spotted branches and leaves covered with frozen particles.

Sports event at Valley Academy

Some of the children from KS1 went to Valley Academy to represent our school in a sports event. It was great fun and the children made everyone very proud.

Our trip to The Horse and Bamboo Theatre

On Tuesday 5th December Cherry class went to visit the Horse and Bamboo theatre in Waterfoot. First we enjoyed a craft workshop making cardboard houses and after that we enjoyed taking part in an interactive show called 'The Squirrel, The Cake and The Cabinet'. It was fantastic and we all loved it! We were able to put our houses in the final part of the show. Everyone was polite and followed all our school rules. Well done Cherry class!

Winner winner Christmas Dinner!

Here we are enjoying our delicious Christmas dinner.

Delightful Decorations!

In DT this term, we evaluated existing Christmas decorations. We had to look how they were made and think about which ones we liked best. Then we designed our own decoration and finally, we cut out the felt and stitched it together. We have learned how to do overstitch and running stitch and even add sequins or extra decorations. Look how wonderful our final decorations are!

Christmas Party Time!

After our wonderful KS1 assembly, we enjoyed lots of fun at our party. We even saw reindeers dancing on our carpet and Father Christmas was spotted on our school cameras!!

Welcome to Spring Term 1 2024

This term we will be learning all about firefighters and how to write non-fiction writing in English, in art we are learning about an Austrian artist called an Hundertwasser, in science we are learning about our bodies and our senses and in Geography we are learning about our capital city London.

Here is the link to this term's homework grid: 


Lancashire Fire and Rescue Talk

We had a very exciting morning today when the firefighters from our local fire station came to talk to us about their job. We found out about a firefighters kit and they talked to us about the important jobs they have to do to help others. We asked lots of great questions and Mrs. Giomarelli dressed in the kit. Finally, we went outside to look at the fire engine and we looked at all the specialist equipment. Thank you to our wonderful firefighters from Rawtenstall fire station!

Provision area fun

In our provision areas, some of us have been creating models of fire engines. Look at Jenson's model- it even has a ladder! Millie and Fredrik build a model outside and Max enjoyed building at our construction table. Zachary and Reggie even built a model of Big Ben after we had been learning about famous buildings in London.

Geography fun

This term we have loved learning all about London. We can tell you lots of facts and we can name some of the important landmarks. We have loved making landmarks in our provision areas and during our wellbeing week, we created famous landmarks using naturtal materials found inour woodland area.

Wellbeing Week

During wellbeing week we tried out lots of different activities which help to make a difference to our wellbeing. We thought about setting goals in our My Happy Mind session, we went for a lovely woodland walk, we did yoga and we practised our happy breathing.

Number Day

Today we had fun finding numbers to 100 on a number hunt, we had fun playing maths games and singing number songs.


This term we will be learning lots of exciting things. Our topic is the Great Fire of London.

Tuesday 20th February 2024

Today we celebrated Mardi Gras. We came to school dressed in bright coloured clothes, we learnt some simple French phrases, we danced and made a carnival mask. Finally, we danced in our carnival parade. We had a great day!

The Great Fire of London

This term we have been reading a story which is set in the past called 'The Baker's Boy and the Great Fire of London'. We have been acting out scenes from the book and in our history lessons we have been learning all about the Great Fire which happened in 1666. We know lots of facts. Ask us a question and we will try to answer it for you! We even tried to put out a pretend fire by making a line and passed buckets of water down. It was lots of fun but hard work.

Design and Technology - bridges

In our DT lessons we have been investigating different types of bridges. We have learnt about suspension, beam, cantilever and arch bridges. We then used different materials to make our bridges.

Waterfoot's World Book Day

Today we loved coming to school in our comfy clothes or pyjamas. We brought our teddies and a favourite book. We enjoyed listening to a Hairy McLary story read to us by our school governor Mr. Chambers, we also enjoyed listening to Christian's mum, Angela reading her very own book called The Lost Dog. We made a cosy book bed with a character to read to at home and we played some fun games all about books.

The Great Fire of London with Alfresco Learning

We had a wonderful afternoon in our Alfresco Learning workshop. We played a game called 3 before me, we learnt how to weave sticks and made a wattle and daub wall and finally we had to make a waterproof bakery for Thomas Fariner using different materials. We had lots of fun and worked really well in our teams. Thank you Angharad from Alfresco Learning.

British Science Week- Our Science Day

On our Waterfoot science day, Cherry class learnt all about fossils. They found out how fossils are formed and looked at different fossil formations. They learnt all about the paleontologist Mary Anning and finally they searched for fossils in the rocks in our Woodland area and made their own mould fossil. We had a great day! Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Atkin were also extremely proud of the amazing timers and pendulum timers that some of our class made. What a fantastic effort, thank you for all your hard work.

Red Nose Day 2024

We had lots of fun on Red Nose Day!

Super ScienCe!

This term we have been learning about the human body. We have learnt how we need to eat a healthy balanced diet and we have learnt all about personal hygiene. We left some eggs in different drinks over night to see what would happen to the shell. The egg shell is made of calcium like our teeth so we were finding out what would happen if we had different drinks and didn't brush our teeth. We couldn't believe our eyes when we checked the next day! The eggs left in sugary drinks had gone soft and squidgy and were covered in bacteria. We also carried out a germ experiment where we pretended that our hands were covered in germs (Flour) and then we played tig. It was amazing to see how easily germs spread if we do not wash our hands properly. We then made posters to encourage and teach people to wash their hands properly.

PE Fun in the sun!!

We have been working well as teams and practising our throwing skills. We also had some fun hula hooping. Well done Cherry Class x

Bridge strengthening in DT

After our first designs and bridge building, we found out how bridges are made stronger by using triangle shapes. We tried to make trusses for our new bridges, we folded paper and card to make it stronger and we tried to improve our bridges by making them stronger. We worked really hard and had lots of fun!

Summer Term 1

This term we are learning all about the coast and seasides in geography, in science we are learning about plants and their structure, in DT we will be designing a healthy snack, in PSHE we are learning about how to keep ourselves safe and in English we are reading a fabulous story called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We are going to be very busy. Keep checking our webpage to see how we are getting on.

A Surprise Basket....What could it be?

We arrived at school to find a basket full of interesting things such as polish, a seagull, a cat, some sandwiches and even some mustard! We guessed they were objects from our new book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

Spring Plant Detectives

We went for a lovely walk in our school grounds and spotted lots of new plants and leaf buds. We used spotter cards to try to recognise and identify the different plants .

Look at our amazing Lighthouses!

In our continuous provision we have been creating and building some wonderful lighthouses and seaside models. At home some of us have also created pictures and amazing lighthouse models.

Lighthouse fun in our woodland area

Today we went into the woods and collected different natural materials to make a lighthouse. We had to include a gallery deck, lightroom, lightning rod and sit it on rocks in the sea. Look at our amazing pictures! 

PE Apparatus Time

This term we have loved gaining confidence when using the apparatus in the hall. We applied movements which we had previously learnt and made routines to do on the equipment. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Atkin are very proud of us.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch in ICT

Look at our amazing Lighthouse Keeper pictures which we did during ICT.

SUMMER TERM 2: June- July 2024

Welcome to the Summer term! 

World Environment Day

Today we thought carefully about ways to look after our world. We sang songs about our world, made a poster and we went litter picking around our school grounds. Some children entered the Green Team competition and made something wonderfully recycled out of a plastic bottle- well done everyone!

Delicious DT!

In DT we had to look at and taste existing pasta dishes. We are going to be designing a healthy and appetising pasta sald for Mr. Grinling from our story last term. We tested 4 different ones and thought carefully about the ingredients. Overall, Cherry class voted the Tomato and Basil pasta salad as their favourite.  

Brilliant Book Awards- And the Winner is.......

During the Spring term we took part in the Lancashire Brilliant Book Awards. We read 4 new stories and voted for our favourite. There were lots of schools around Lancashire taking part. Today we found out that one of our favourite stories 'Food Fight' was the winner. We joined in with an online zoom call award ceremony and we met the author and illustrator of the book.