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Welcome to Maple Class!

We are a fabulous class of Year 5 and 6 children!


Here are our teachers - Mrs Holt and Miss Gooding!


Class information...

Our PE days for the Autumn 1 half term are: Wednesdays (Outdoor) and Mondays (Indoor) so please come to school in your active uniform on those days!

OUR first day back!!

We are back from the holidays fresh and ready to go! Today we have introduced our new topic about the Anglo-Saxons and begun to learn about the 7 Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England! The class were introduced to our new topic area too where they can complete challenges relating to our topic independently to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons and achieve rewards for their efforts! At the end of the lesson we had a relay race game where the children went into teams of 7 and had to take it in turns to run to the board and write an Anglo-Saxon kingdom then the next child in the team had to run to the board and name another! By the time it got to the 7th child it had got a bit harder to work out which one was missing!! Well done everyone! Here's some photos from today! In future, I will endeavour to add a weekly update here on the website so that you can see all the things we have done that week. Enjoy today's photos!

8/9/23 - Our first week!

What a wonderful first week we have had! I have asked each and every one of Maple Class to give themselves a big pat on the back as they have been wonderful this week! As you may have read earlier in the week, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons in our topic work and reading about them during our guided reading sessions! Our Science began yesterday which is about adaptation, inhertiance and evolution! We began by discussing what we knew about these things and what we wanted to learn then our learning where we began with adaptation and how camels bodies are adapted for living in hot, dry conditions. We also learn an adaptation song which I am still singing to myself now! 

In outdoor PE this week it was tri-golf. Indoor PE will begin on Monday. We have begun learning the days of the week in French and our maths has been about place value. In the photos below, you will see a picture of our 'Wall of Pride.' This is a special display to show the children who have been demonstrating excellent learning behaviours such as perseverence, motivation, concentration, changing strategy as needed etc. Congratulations to Anam and Rubie whose work and photo have already gone up on the wall of pride! Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

This week's rewards!

Each day we celebrate the children who have earned the most points in our star of the day competitiion so if you have noticed your child wearing a 1st, 2nd or 3rd rosette sticker they have been in the top 3 for star of the day! 

Today we celebrated our first superstar in assembly! Our winner was E;lkie for her kindness and helping others know how to hold a golf club and hit the ball during our PE lesson. 

Congratulations to our house champions too! As the class have been so wonderful we ended up with 6 children all with the same number of winning house points! Well done to Gianella, Seb, Sonny, Eva, Tansy and Gracie who were our winners but there were many children only one or two house points behind so well done to everyone! The class were rewarded with a game of drip drip drop on Friday afternoon for such a super week!


Our year 6s visit haslingden high school!

Our Years 6s visiting Haslingden High on Tuesday morning to get a taster of lessons at high school! We went to an ICT lesson first and learnt to program a 'microbit.' First we designed a heart shape that then flashed, next we made our microbit display our initials and then we did a count down to blast off! At the end of the lesson, we had done so well that we were allowed to explore the program further ourselves and make the micorbit light up with anything we wanted. After that we were given some juice and biscuits and had a break. 

After break it was history and the Great Fire of London with Mr Gizzi who showed us a video about the great fire of London then he provided us with different sources of evidence. We had read/look at the sources and decide on what the various causes of the fire were and the consequences of the fire. After that it was back on the bus back to school for lunch. We hope you all enjoyed your tours of Haslingden High in the evening with your families!

Weekly update 2! 15th September 2023

It's been another super busy week with lots of exciting learning taking place! Maple class are really enjoying our 'Anglo-Saxons' topic and many of the children have been bringing in things that they have done at home. At the start of the week, Gianella had drawn a fantastic Anglo-Saxon warrior picture; which she received the superstar award for today; and now she has created her own comic book of Beowolf which she has kindly said can go in the book corner for us all to read! Grace has also been busy at home, creating her own super book about the Anglo-Saxons, full of super facts and presented beautifully in different coloured pens! She too has said we can read her book in the book corner! During our Literacy lessons, we have continued with the story of 'Outlaw' and many of the children are bringing their own versions of the book into school and reading ahead to see what will happen next! We learnt the names of different Anglo-Saxon place names and their meanings in our history lesson on Monday then played 'Mallet's mallet' at  the end where we had to try and remember the endings of the place names! In PE we have been continued our golf outdoors and controlling the swing of our clubs to hit the ball the correct distance. For indoor PE we are doing gymnastics!

During PSHE this week, we were working as a team. We had to find a way of counting to 20 with only one of us speaking at a time. If two of us tried to say a number at once we had to start again. Thankfully, Amber was on hand to come up with a strategy and take charge of the class to make it work! We then went into small group to build bridges that were at least 30cm long out of artstraws. The children had to make sure they were listening to each other and considering each others ideas and opinions.

week 2 awards!

It's been a tough job this week choosing who will receive this week's rewards because everyone has deserved something! In the end I  decided upon:-

Maths - Ethan who has worked his socks off in maths all week and shown a great understanding in our lessons.

Superstar - Gianella for her beautiful Anglo-Saxon warrior picture. 

Leaves - Seb for his amazing effort and enthusaiasm, Caitlin and Iris for their excellent effort and beautiful manners and Caidan for being so kind and helpful. 

Congratulations to our house champion this week who is Gianella with 17 house points! Tansy and Caitlin are in 2nd with 15 points and Ethan in 3rd with 13. Well done everyone! 


Enjoy looking at this week's photos!

Weekly update 3 - 22.9.23

It's been a wet and windy week at school this week but we haven't the weather dampen (pardon the pun!) our spirits. As you may have heard at home, the big topic of conversation this week has been blooket! I had planned one for our history lesson on Monday this week which was such a hit that the children have begged for more! We've ended up playing another to practise our science learning and maths! 

The children have also enjoyed one of our challenges in the art area this week which was to make an Anglo-Saxon house! We had learnt about the different features of an Anglo-Saxon village on Monday and since then the classroom has been covered in straw as children thatch the roofs of their houses. So much so that Mr Matthias asked me if we were doing a nativity in our classroom! 

I have been so pleased with how much the presentation of the children's work has improved in the 3 weeks we have spent together. This has been the focus of our recognition board and I am pleased to say that every leaf (every leaf has a child's name on and is added to the tree as they achive our focus!)  has been added to our Maple tree! Well done everyone! 

The children have also been writing their own legends this week in the style of the legend Gelert whose master entrusted him with his precious child but wrongly thought Gelert had killed the child. We have had Spongebob with his faithful friend Gary the snail losing Mr Crabs' secret formula. Shrek and donkey, Harry Potter's faithful friend snapping his wand and many more! A few examples of the writing are in the photos below. 

Week 3 rewards

Well done to this week's super winners of rewards!

English - Eva - for her brilliant Legend

Superstar - Tansy - for her beautiful picture of the Anglo-Saxon village and for making so many amazing Anglo-Saxon items at home and completing so many challenges in our learning areas. 

Leaves - Jasmine for all your super hard work and enthusiasm , Oliver - For working so hard in all we do and being so eager to please, Reuben - for being so enthusastic and helpful!

Congratulations to this week's house champions Caitlin and Lacey with a massive 17 house points this week! 

Enjoy this week's photos!